Thaakirah Savahl

Thaakirah Savahl is a young South African activist with a passion for social justice. Thaakirah attended the University of the Witwatersrand, where she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Political Studies. She is currently completing her Master of Arts degree in Organisational and Institutional studies. During her campus years, Thaakirah became quite influential within various structures. She has held various leadership positions including her most recent position as Deputy Secretary-General of the Wits SRC. She is dedicated to youth, women and black empowerment. She is currently pursuing a career in strategic development.

My time during in the ASRI Future Leaders Programme was academically, socially and professionally stimulating. I was afforded the opportunity to engage, interact and collaborate with likeminded people from diverse disciplines and different backgrounds. It also opened a door to a plethora of personalities that ensured that there was never a dull moment.

The FLP was a vibrant, open, supportive, and intellectually stimulating programme and true to form as a civic leadership programme. As a fellow of this programme, I was introduced to a wide array of different ways of thinking, and it made provision for me to experiment with ideas and concepts that have been integral to my development. This programme became a space that fostered the pushing of boundaries that taught us to think analytically and encouraged us to challenge things.

The FLP has also presented me remarkable mentors, that have played a key role in my personal and professional development. They have provided me with guidance that I have been able to take into the real world; and as a young professional, I will always cherish that. This programme has inspired and supported me in ways that I had not expected. It had also allowed for me to contribute in ways that I had not expected either. This programme has also introduced me to several brilliant South African minds with whom I had the privilege to engage with.

When joining the FLP, I was a young graduate who had little direction in terms of my career. The programme had exposed me to various fields and had nurtured my own talents as well. As such, it has become easier to navigate my career path, and begin the journey to achieving my goals. Having access to the large network that ASRI has introduced me to has made this journey a lot more exciting as I am able to connect with people in different sectors and learn about their careers and journey’s.

I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of the ASRI Future Leaders Programme. It will definitely be part of my success story.