Cate Nkalitshana

My name is Resoketswe Cate Nkalitshana, I grew up in Brakpan, east of Johannesburg. I hold a BSc and a BSc with Honours in Biological Science from the University of the Witwatersrand. I majored in animals, plants, and environmental sciences, all of which I am passionate about. I am the head of mentorship at the Faculty of Best Advisory, a non-profit company that aims to inform, empower, and uplift people through the provision of information. I am currently pursuing my MSc in Nature Conservation from the University of South Africa. I would like to one day complete a PhD in this field. I aim to combine my knowledge in environmental sciences as well as leadership to produce future leaders who are environmentally conscious. Thus, I would like to pursue lecturing as a career where I can combine environmental research with civic leadership.

Upon completing the ASRI Future Leaders Programme 2020/2021 theory component, I had the opportunity to briefly work with Food and Trees for Africa. From the ASRI FLP, I learned more about the history of South Africa, politics, leadership, and the economy. I also learned about the function of non-profit organisations in the country. I have grown to understand interpersonal relationships formed in the workplace and their impacts on my personal life. I have formed significant relationships with most of my fellow FLP colleagues which I aim to continue to strengthen. The programme has taught me a lot about myself, and this will impact greatly on my future.