Humairaa Moola

Humairaa Moola holds a Bachelor of Accounting Science degree together with a certificate in Administration of Deceased and Insolvent Estates. Whilst completing her studies, she served her articles at an accounting firm in Newcastle, thereafter, continuing to work in Newcastle with her last position held, being that of a senior accountant.

After nine years, Humairaa decided to venture out on her own and currently runs her own accounting practice, provides tuition to high school accounting students, and offers personal and business finance consultations and trainings.

Humairaa’s fervour for getting individuals excited about their finances and realizing their financial dreams, spurred her to create a blog and use other social media platforms to educate individuals on financial literacy as she strongly believes that having even the slightest knowledge on managing your finances can make a huge difference in one’s financial future and life.

During 2020, Humairaa was selected to form part of the ASRI 2020 cohort which enabled her to become a more active change agent for her community.