Thabisile Miya

Thabisile Miya a Media Studies Honours graduate from the University of Witwatersrand where her activism was awakened, has participated in the fees must fall protests and the calls to end the exorbitant accommodation fees outside campus. Her Media and Gender studies led her to realize the power social media wields and how it could be utilized to advocate for those who bear the brunt of the violent systemic oppression especially in a country like South Africa, where women are the hardest working yet the most exploited.

Thabisile joined as a digital campaigner fellow following her interest in social justice and digital activism and has been a part of a number of their legacy campaigns targeted at addressing injustice such as the #datamustfall campaign, the call for one NHI etc. Since then, she has joined ASRI as the 2020 fellow and her experience there has been eye opening following the theoretical and development lessons on civic education, public policy, and project management she received which have been quite useful in her career in the activism space. The programme which took place remotely further equipped her with skills that are crucial for navigating the working world during a pandemic. Furthermore, she has been able to foster long lasting relationships with some of the countries bright minds and hopes that the experience can be extended to other deserving future leaders.

Thabisile is most grateful for the opportunity to be placed at an organization for her externship which will further equip her with the skills and experience required to be a fully seasoned digital activist.