Fatima Zahra Mayet

Fathima Zahra Mayet has an Honours degree in Politics and International Relations and has submitted her master’s dissertation in Historical Studies. Mayet worked as tutor to the history and politics departments at UJ. She has been part of the UJ Palestine Solidarity Forum as well as the UJ branch of the South African Students Congress (SASCO). In addition, she is an executive member of an NGO, Protect the Rohingya; and generally supports social and political movements. She has participated in various humanitarian efforts. She was part of the ASRI Future Leaders Fellowship 2020/2021 cohort. She is in the process of completing the externship portion of the fellowship at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) within the Developmental Ethical and Capable State (DCES).

I have gained a holistic perspective of South African politics. Being at ASRI has taught me a lot about the workings of the country, far more than an undergraduate degree in Politics had. My overall writing style has improved over the course of the programme. Being immersed i Save n the cohort has aided the development of my interpersonal skills. I formed friendships I would not have ordinarily formed , my ASRI classmates are from all over the country, they work in different fields and hold opinions that are unique to them. The relationships I have formed with my ASRI mentors are invaluable, through them, I have access to knowledge, advice and support. Through the ASRI programme and the months of classes, I have gained access to NGOs, academics, commentators, and analysts from all over the country. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with members of government, the economic sector, politicians, think tanks and the judiciary among others. In addition to interactions with representatives of these networks, ASRI has given me the ability to tap into these sectors independent of them. The programme will allow me to shape my future in a way that I did not imagine possible. It has given me the freedom to set out a long term plan for myself where I’m no longer a passive actor in my own life. It has given me the tools to think through complex issues and the confidence to share those views.