Does your community or a community you know of need a Public Library Upgrade or require access to a Public Digital Resource Lab?

Access to Public Libraries and Public Digital Resource Labs are proven to impact on a whole range of developmental metrics, including: Literacy, Education, Early Childhood Development, Better School and Matric Results, Rates of Crime, as well as Entrepreneurship and Community Development. Our municipalities have not made libraries and digital labs a priority and this has to change.

Access to the infinite resources available on the internet can revolutionise the learning, development and career opportunities of an entire generation of South Africans: In terms of training courses (many universities offer free online courses); videos (youtube hosts videos on pretty much every skill set that can be imagined including graphic design, web design, plumbing, spraypainting, welding, ecommerce, etc.); maths and science tuition (Khan Academy covers the entire international school syllabus with free online access); and Early Childhood Development (Brainpop is an amazing online resource for Early Childhood Development).

With this in mind we at ASRI have researched and prototyped two projects that model how to lobby local municipalities to prioritise Libraries and Digital Resource Labs in each Municipal Ward.  This includes a Campaign Plan, a draft Municipal by Law as well as operating models, budgets, designs and resourcing requirements of Libraries and Digital resource Labs.

We now want to share these resources with communities and individuals across South Africa who care about this issue and see the value in Public Libraries and Digital Labs.


What Can You Do?

1. Show your interest in joining the ASRI Municipal Infrastructure Lobby by signing up on the form below and we’ll contact you shortly with more information, updates and training dates in your municipality.

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