Bibi ‘Aisha Lasania matriculated from Johannesburg Muslim School; she was actively involved in community upliftment programs. Highlights of her active community participation include volunteering at; Al Khaleel & Abraham Kriel Childcare. In most recent years she’s volunteered at Hi-Hopes at the Centre of Deaf Studies & completed Autism Spectrum Disorder Training Programme’ from the Centre of Deaf Studies at the University of Witwatersrand.

‘Aisha graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand, with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in South African Sign Language and Psychology. In 2020 she began her postgraduate honours education in South African Sign Language.

‘Aisha’s long-term goals include furthering her post graduate studies in SASL & aims to contribute to the progression of education to disabled individuals. Aisha eventually aims to attain the goals she has set out for herself and is ever willing to break boundaries to promote justice, equality, and support for all.

The FLP provided me with an in-depth understanding of concepts that was previously unknown. This allowed for an expansion of viewpoints and the ability to critically analyse various fields.

The FLP massively impacted the way in which I approach matters, thus allowing me the opportunity to view matters from a variety of angles and put biases aside.

I have had the opportunity to liaise with an array of people through the programme. each person coming from various intellectual and social backgrounds, which added to the richness of each FLP session.

The FLP massively strengthened the working relationship with the host organisation I have been placed in, this opportunity has allowed for me to explore multiple different avenues within my field of study.

The FLP has equipped me with incomparable skills that I will apply to all future endeavours, such as greater decision making and so forth.