Aarifah Hunter

Aarifah Hunter is a community development enthusiast with many years of social development experience working with disadvantaged communities based in Durban. She holds an Honours degree in Community and Development Studies from UKZN. Prior to this she studied to obtain an Aalimah certificate and later a counselling course. The intersection of her religious studies and her academic pursuits guided her career and participation in different projects such as campus forums where she led an integration and transformation agenda. Hunter’s deep-rooted interest for community development motivated her participation in various community projects on a grassroots level. These experiences have put her on a path to search for sustainable solutions to the many socio-economic conditions that plague South African communities, Hunter believes that real change starts at the bottom. To date, she has completed the ASRI future leaders 2020/2021 program and has been successfully placed into Equal Education to complete her externship.