Class of 2019


I am a Bachelor of Arts student intending to major in Psychology and Anthropology at the University of the Witwatersrand. I believe that education facilitates change in our society. Studying Psychology and Anthropology enlightens me about the social issues we face in our communities: unemployment, crime, gender-based violence, poverty, among others. I believe that education grants us opportunities to make information accessible, especially to disadvantaged communities. As an aspiring clinical psychologist, my long-term goals include facilitating knowledge around mental health issues that often underlie these pervasive social issues and to break stigmas surrounding mental health. I believe being part of the ASRI-WCCO Winter Leadership Programme will help me step in the right direction to achieve this goal.


I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. I am currently doing my LLB at Wits. I believe that I have a moral duty to help people in need. It is partly because of this reason that I find myself always moved to human rights activism. I founded and led a registered non-profit organisation called Khayalenkanysio (‘House of light’), a community project which started as an outreach programme; we collected sanitary towels, and clothes for the disadvantaged people of Soweto. I am a member of Students for Law and Social Justice (SLJS). I used to be a lead tutor on tutorials which we offered in SLJS at previously disadvantaged schools around Johannesburg. I am presently the Grievances Officer of the Law Students Council (LSC). I also occasionally captain for WCCO on the Masidlene programme.


I am a student in Education (Foundation Phase) at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. I come from a community in rural Mpumalanga affected by poverty, unemployment and underage drinking. Because of this, I have committed myself to social and economic change in my community. I participated in a reality television programme called ‘Future Leaders’ (SABC1), which aimed at uplifting the standard of young people in communities. I am a passionate young person dedicated to bringing about a brighter South Africa. I believe that if we want change, we should create it, giving young people the power to make decisions and implement them, and to host leadership programmes that enable people to think beyond the present.


I am a Bachelor of Accounting Sciences student at the University of the Witwatersrand. She is the co-founder and secretary of MP Foundation which is a registered NPO that focuses on supplying high school learners with uniforms, sanitary pads, stationery, and toiletries. She is also the head of mentorship at Faculty of Best Advisory (FBA), which is a registered non-profit company and a public benefit organization that aims to inform, empower and uplift people by ensuring that the community at large has access to valuable information. Its programmes are aligned and relevant to South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP) which recognizes that young people deserve better educational and economic opportunities. Caroline is an ambassador and mentor at First Year Experience (FYE) and a volunteer at WCCO. She is hoping to learn more about social issues affecting Africa, brain-storm solutions and implementation plans and to meet other young minds build a strong network for the benefit of Africa and its people.


I am a student at the University of the Witwatersrand majoring in Economics and Mathematics. I first enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering at Wits studying Mining Engineering, but because of curiosity and interest in the world of finance I transferred to the Faculty of Commerce I decided to join leadership structures in the university to improve my leadership skills, first as a member of the house committee of the Knockando Halls of Residences (Wits University), serving as an academic officer in 2018. The portfolio provides academic support to all students who reside at Knockando, ensures that there are mentorship programmes and tutorials every Sunday night throughout the academic year and organises events like academic dinners and hosts a series of speakers. I was also appointed as a venue co-ordinator by the Campus Housing Residence Life (CHRL) to bring coordination and efficiency in the Sunday Tutorials. I currently serve as the vice-chairperson (external) of the house committee I am a student leader and a revolutionary who envisions change in South Africa emanating from empowerment, innovation and sustainable economic development.


After graduating from AFDA, I had worked in broadcast media for over 10 years but became increasingly anxious about my lack of influence and general job satisfaction. I found the industry to be a hostile space for women in general, and for black women more particularly. Consequently, I lost my passion for sports and broadcasting and became increasingly frustrated by the rape culture boys club that seemed untouchable. I made a major decision to refocus my skills. I am currently a member of the Inner City ministry (an outreach programme that assists homeless and destitute people in Johannesburg). I’m a youth mentor and I facilitate group discussions with teenage girls in my community. I am eager to learn about activism and advocacy so I can focus my skills in driving change in our society by being a champion for the hurting and voiceless. I am currently completing studies in education at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.


I am a qualified urban and regional planner, a recent graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand. I am interested in the spatial planning, urban planning and construction project management. The built environment is my field of interest and the arena in which I shall pursue my future career and entrepreneurial plans. Therefore, equipping myself with economic, social and political knowledge is integral to reaching my career and entrepreneurial goals. I founded a tutoring and career guide program KMT (Khutso M Tutoring) where we offer tutoring and career guide services to primary and high school learners. One of KMT’s objectives is to contribute relevantly and meaningfully to democratic South Africa and the world by exposing young people to different career paths and informing them of the opportunities in various fields offered in post-school education. I look forward to building a nation of better inclusive education and job opportunities.


I am currently pursuing a BSc (Mathematics of Finance) majoring in Mathematics and Economics at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. When I am not studying or focused on my laptop, I spend time helping people. I currently tutor grade 10 and 11 Mathematics for Students at Work (SAW). I also volunteer at the WCCO in the FoodBank and Masidleni programmes. Growing up in a disadvantaged community taught me that offering help to someone can change that person’s life, and sometimes you do not need money to offer your helping hand and I believe that I will acquire more knowledge by being part of the ASRI-WCCO Leadership Conference.


I am a Bachelor of Education student at the University of the Witwatersrand. I have been involved in leadership and community projects since 2011 and became the RCL President and SGB member (2016) in my matric year. I worked as a branch leader in Youth Express Networkers, where we trained young people in leadership skills, community building, and public speaking. This is where I discovered that to see change you must be change. I am a student activist at Wits University, currently serving as deputy chairperson of the Education School Council (ESC); I also served on the Wits SRC subcommittee in 2018 and 2019. I am founder and chairperson of GMI (The Great Minds Incorporated) based in Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal; we assist young people from rural and disadvantaged schools. We bring change by bringing knowledge of this modern world and how to survive in it. I love knowledge because I believe that it is the key to opportunities in life, and it brings awareness to young people. My goal is to encourage young people to aspire to make a difference in this world not just a living. I believe in young people and I know that it is through knowledge and opportunities where we can make this world a better place, because we need education that caters for everyone equally.


I am a Mathematics & Sciences FET major with a passion for basic education in South Africa. I am a product of a collective communal effort and I saw fit that once I am capable, I should do unto others what has been done unto me. I currently work with rural youths over school holidays to help give them a better chance to exist as full citizens in a South Africa that has for many years excluded them in one way or the other. My long-term goal is to one day hold a position of responsibility in the Department of Basic Education in order to equalize the quality of public education across the country. I would also love to have a school of my own where I teach what I believe would best serve the needs of rural South Africa in a postmodern society. My participation in this program will take me a step closer to these goals and interacting with like-minded people will further polish and improve my ideas.


I am a full-time student and activist, currently studying International Relations and Political Science at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Over the years I have been active in communities, especially through the church and with ecumenical organisations on issues of social justice. I see myself as a committed and conscientious young adult with a passion for socio-economic development. My long-term goal is to use regional blocs such as SADC and the African Union to promote sustainable development and pro-poor policies on the continent and particularly in South Africa. I think that this programme will not only help me gain a greater understanding of issues that challenge socio-economic development, but also help me engage other people to realize my long-term goal


I am pursuing my LLB at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. I have a commitment to help people and to use my influence to speak positivity into people’s lives. Furthermore, I am a person who likes putting words into action. I currently volunteer at the WCCO (Wits Citizenship & Community Outreach). Through this initiative, I, together with my team, give a helping hand in reaching out to disadvantaged students with food incentives. Because of my passion for helping people, I believe I have the potential to bring a positive impact and I believe that through ASRI, I shall be equipped with skills to enhance my abilities.


I am a student at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Political Studies. For my undergraduate degree I majored in Politics, Philosophy, and Psychology. I also pursued occasional studies in Postgraduate Law. I am the current deputy secretary general of the Wits SRC. Prior to this I was the treasurer of the Muslim Students Association where I also served as the projects and events officer raising funds for historical student debt as well as working towards women’s empowerment. I was also part of various MSA Union task teams and was one of the heads of the regional task team. I am a member of several organisations, including SASCO, ANCYL, PSC, and AKF, among others. I am a humanitarian at heart and played a vital role in ensuring youth empowerment at Wits. I am also very active in supporting the struggle for Palestinian human rights and political emancipation. I shall soon be launching a new project that assists students with vacation work, internships and other positions.


I am studying a Bachelor of Science in Physical Science at the University of the Witwatersrand. I am a Soul Buddy alumna, as well as an alumna of the Targeting Talent Programme and the Gibs Spirit of Youth programme. These programmes have given me a platform to engage on relevant issues so that I can better define and actuate the South Africa I would like to live in. I see myself as a diligent, receptive, and inquisitive individual who would like to learn more about how to deal with social injustices in our society and how to implement the solutions relevant to the different social issues in communities and in the country. My focus is on the inequality experienced in the education sector; many rural and township schools lack resources which are essential if they are to produce better results. These resources include textbooks, laboratories and access to the internet. How do we as leaders ensure that these resources are available for learners to give them a better and fair chance at reaching tertiary institutions to better their lives and escape the trap of poverty? Being part of the ASRI future leaders programme will give me the opportunity to think more creatively about farther-reaching solutions to the challenge of social injustice.


I am an Astronomy and Astrophysics student at the University of the Witwatersrand who is a goal driven and self-motivated individual. During high school I held various leadership positions, serving as deputy president of the school’s Representative of Class of Learners (RCL), as well as chairperson of the RCL in matric. At the University of the Witwatersrand I became the students and workers affairs sub-committee head for Amnesty International (Wits), through which I established a relationship between Amnesty International Wits and the WITS COMMUNITY AND CITIZEN OUTREACH (WCCO). it was through this relationship that a communal kitchen was established. Currently I am the vice chairperson of Amnesty International Wits. I volunteer at Ikamva Youth, tutoring Mathematics and Physical Sciences to high school pupils. As a member of the Wits Debating Union, I participated in in one of the largest debating tournaments, the Jozi Rumble, as a speaker as well as an adjudicator in the Gauteng provincial competition. I aspire to change the world by educating people about their human rights; through education, inequalities and negligence of climate change can be tackled more productively, which will lead to a better world.


I am a Bachelor of Arts (Law) student majoring in International Relations and Law. I have 3 years’ experience of community development. I was part of the R1 Pays My Fees campaign, a project under the Heart of African Dream Village and Africa 40440 which empowered young people to be proactive in coming up with ideas to raise funds for their university registration and tuition fees. I am currently a member of the South African Institute for International Affairs (SAIIA), an independent public policy think tank that advances a wellgoverned, peaceful, economically sustainable and globally engaged Africa, involving foreign policy, governance, the environment, economic policy and social development. I am also a member of the Association of Black Securities and investment professionals (ABSIP), a platform intended to address the aspirations of those in the industry and beyond and a forum for black professionals to exchange information and ideas for sustainable financial growth for South Africa at large. I see myself as a resilient creative person who is highly motivated and dedicated to every task appointed. I perceive social development as a tree with many branches that needs to be watered by everyone in different ways for all to enjoy the shade, shelter, fruits and other benefits that shape the foundations of life. I believe that being part of the ASRI Future Leaders Programme will give me an opportunity to empower myself and those I will be working with, find other solutions to societal problems and to also lend a hand where I can.


I am studying Information Systems at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. I was a Youths Project manager at my church. I was a quality assurance lead in the 2017 Information Systems Project, then project manager for the 2018 Information Systems Development Project: Complaints Management System. I was a participant, and later the operations and communications manager for Wits ScilinX in 2017 and 2018. Currently, I serve on the maintenance sub-committee of David Webster Hall at Wits. As a Wits Writing Centre consultant, I help people with their academic and creative writing. I am also a tutor at HDM tutoring and a volunteer at SAIIA Youth. I am a manager for Book-Recycle, a studentrun bookshop. I also assist the youth in my community apply to tertiary institutions and to access bursaries.


I am a Mathematics of Finance student at the University of the Witwatersrand. I am passionate about making education more accessible and less exclusive for individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Essentially, I achieve this by providing information to high school pupils to enter tertiary education organisations, bridging the gap between matric and university for first year students as well as trying to assist Wits students cover their basic needs. In 2017 and 2018 I mentored high school learners for the Wits Targeting Talent Programme. I am currently the deputy chair of Sego Sa Lesedi, an organization which provides matric pupils from Limpopo with information on careers and assistance when applying to institutions of higher learning. I am the co-founder of Thuso yaBatja, an organisation which also aims to help young people.


I am a student at the University of the Witwatersrand, currently studying towards a Bachelor of Education. I am passionate about Islam, poetry, and the struggle to build a society rooted in the values of justice, compassion, and a deep sense of appreciation for the range of histories that have shaped our experiences. As an active member of the Muslim Students’ Association, I draw inspiration from the legacy of youth activism that has played a crucial role in challenging unjust socio-economic and political structures. I hope that the Winter Leadership Conference will equip me with knowledge and skills that will benefit me, my future students, and my community.


I am currently studying chemical engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand. I am a young and motivated individual who strives to take initiative in my actions and constantly learn through my experiences both academic and social. I hold deep convictions on several questions of justice and humanity, including awareness of climate change, issues in education and gender equality, among others. At Hilton College I was Head of School and captain of the school’s Swimming First Team. It was there that I developed my leadership skills. During my time at high school I was also heavily involved in community service and outreach projects that assisted disadvantaged communities. In addition, I organised and lead multiple charity drives to raise money for The Lunchbox Fund. In my free time I am a keen musician and avid film watcher.


I am a student of Political Science and International Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand. I am a highly driven and hard-working young woman who is incredibly passionate about making a difference in the world, particularly through humanitarian work. I work as an intern at Salaamedia, an organisation focusing on humanitarian journalism, as well as Women’s Republic, an online media forum focusing on issues faced by marginalised women. I volunteer at multiple organisations which focus on community development and offer tuition to underprivileged school children. I would like to work as a humanitarian journalist in the Middle East and work towards opening schools for children who are denied a basic education because they are victims of war. I believe that participating in the leadership programme led by ASRI and the WCCO will serve as a foundation helping me to achieve my


I am a Metallurgical Engineering student at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, who is incredibly passionate about women empowerment, education and public healthcare. I would not only describe myself as ambitious but a definite go-getter. As a student in a STEM field I advocate for women in leadership positions and in STEM related fields. I truly believe in the limitless power of my abilities and that is what propels me to be my best and make a meaningful impact in my community. I am a part of an NGO, The ASSIST which tutors and mentors high school learners in the Alexandra township; our main goal being to give our learners the best chance possible at ending the cycle of poverty in their communities through education so that they are able to attend institutions of higher learning and ultimately become independent, self-sufficient individuals. I also work with Voice It In Action which is an NGO working towards curbing violence in our communities. My long term goals is to open my own NGO and foundation to work with young women to help empower them by creating a safe space for them to be able to come and talk about issues affecting them, whether violence, money, school, emotional, physical health, etc. My aim is to show young girls that there is a different way to succeed and try to end the ‘blesserblessee’ culture. To empower these young women to take firm hold of their lives regardless of the trials and tribulations, equip them with leadership skills, self-discipline and confidence in themselves to be able to succeed and ultimately find viable solutions to the problems they face. I believe taking part in the ASRI Future Leaders program is a huge honour and step in the right direction in terms of me also shaping the kind of leader I would like to become and the impact I would like to make in South Africa.


I am a 2nd Year LLB student at Wits University. I holda BA Degree in Politics and International relations. I have worked as a library assistant at the Wits Main Library for a period of 4 Years and have volunteered at various NGO’s in Braamfontein. I believe in Human Rights and Social Justice advocacy and currently volunteer at the Socio Economic Rights Institute (SERI) as a legal fieldworker, working with Human Rights lawyers. My Long Term goal is to qualify as a human Rights Lawyer and also contribute in advancing human rights advocacy and social justice.


I’m a final year graduate LLB student at the University of the Witwatersrand. Prior to enrolling for the graduate LLB programme, I was based at Stellenbosch University where I graduated with a BA Degree. At Stellenbosch I served as the President of the Stellenbosch Political Sciences Student’s Association (SPOSSA) as well as the Student Union Representative on the university’s statutory body known as the Institutional Forum. I’m currently the Black Lawyer’s Students’ Association Chairperson (Wits Chapter) and also a former student leader in the Law Student’s Council. I’ve previously served as the Secretary General of the Students for Law and Social Justice (SLSJ) (Wits Chapter). I’m passionate about the development of Africa, Social Justice and Human Rights Law and Peace processes in the African region. I’ve written a number of opinion articles on my interests and have been published in major newspapers such as City Press and the Cape Times.


I’m a Wits graduate with a BA Humanities triple major degree in Politics, International Relations and Media Studies. Currently in the 3rd year of my LLB, I was born and groomed in the informal settlement of Ivory Park. Against all odds I worked hard to open the doors of possibilities. Engagement in social issues and social development has become a daily mission of my life, due to my life experiences and upbringing. I’m a member of the Wits Citizenship and Community Outreach organisation (WCCO) working towards alleviating the most profound and challenging issues that students at the institution are facing; the issues of hunger, access to accommodation and counselling of students on academic issues. I’m an activist, a champion of social justice, a believer that everyone deserves a chance, and be offered a basic right.


I’m an MA International Relations candidate and a third generation Wits graduate. I matriculated in 2014 from the King’s School West Rand as the most outstanding learner and Head Girl for the 2013/2014. I completed a BA majoring in International Relations and French during which I was also invited to join Golden Key. In 2017 I won the Francophonie competition of the French Embassy to South Africa. The following year I was awarded a scholarship to study at Sciences Po in Paris to study my BA Hons International Relations. Next year, I hope to pursue a PhD to further immerse myself in the field of development policy. I also hope to pursue post-graduate studies in French and qualify as an independent interlocutor of Portuguese. Three of my values are entrepreneurship, education and enthusiasm. I’m a leader of the band at my local Methodist Church; I have represented South Africa and won 9 gold medals in Latin American and Ballroom Dance; Daily, I run a tutoring business, Kwazi, which offers private tutorials for learners from primary to high school level. This project employs 4 tutors and is steadily growing.


I’m an LLB Student at the University of the Witwatersrand, with my first degree being a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in International Relations and Political Science. I’m currently one of the Head Volunteers of the Wits Citizenship and Community Outreach organisation, driven by my passion to help people from all walks of life and giving back to my community. I’m passionate about social justice and overcoming the different challenges young people face daily. Volunteering gives me a platform to recognise these challenges. I believe that in order to be a good leader, I must always be humble which makes it easier for people to approach me and share their burden with me. The reason I chose to study Law was to understand the law from a grass roots level and then use the acquired skills to help everyone who cannot speak out for themselves. I want to be a representative for the voiceless.


I’m a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts student at Wits, majoring in Media Studies (Broadcast Regulation and Policy) and Social Psychology. I have 8 years broadcasting experience (radio and television) and currently volunteer as the Programme Manager for Active FM an online radio station based in Selby, Johannesburg. I also own and run an online hair store called The Beauty Factory @thebeautyfactoryza which sells Peruvian, Brazilian and Malaysian hair. I am the Director of a registered an NPO called, A-Grade Foundation (Registration: 196-662). We registered in 2017 with the aim of teaching high school learners in underprivileged communities personal finance management and self actualization skills. I have a passion for communications and people, particularly the youth because through skills development and mentoring, we can address the rising unemployment rate in South Africa. My long term goal is to be an accredited SETA or training provider and train young people on skills that are relevant for the 4th industrial revolution.