Sadia is a qualified electrician, a certified life coach and facilitator. She’s also a wife, mother, and student of the Holy Qur’an. Working closely with the youth as an education assistant at a high school in the Duduza township made her realise that the young people are capable of breaking the cycle of poverty in their communities; this can be achieved by transforming their mindsets through encouragement, guidance and leadership. She’s a Million Stars coach, a co-founder of the Duduza Muslim Women’s Forum (DMWF), under the aegis of the South African National Muslim Women’s Forum (SANMWF), as well as an executive member of the Sistership-United in Deen initiative.  These organisations serve humanity, empower women and young people by offering emotional, spiritual, and physical support globally. Having grown up in an orphanage her purpose and duty are to pass the kindness forward by empowering and assisting those in need and going through what she has overcome.