Faeeza Lok

Faeeza Lok

Faeeza Lok is a social entrepreneur, change catalyst and a bunny chow lover. Her core belief is that equality is not just an ambition; but a right for all and she has committed herself
to righting the injustices of inequality. She was the founding member of South African Asian Youth Group and The Chinese Association Youth division where she positively impacted communities to celebrate traditional and cultural awareness and increase involvement by providing platforms for them to share their voice to solve urgent social and economic needs.

Growing up in Hong Kong, she experienced first-hand the challenges of being a minority.
This shaped her worldview that “it’s possible for all to be included and there is power with
having a unique opinion.” This drove her to start Voice of the people movement (VOTP); a grassroots initiative aiming to connect and build our community one voice at a time, starting in Tembisa, Johannesburg.

Faeeza’ s background is in BSC (food sciences) specialising in food technology. Her ambition  was to use food as an equaliser to assist those that have diabetes, such as her family. This passion for helping translated into her becoming a HIV counsellor at the University’s clinic.
Faeeza’s career started as a food scientist at University of Pretoria, ,however, she realised her capability for change could only scale if she improved her sales and marketing ability, hence she joined Huawei as Channel Sales manager. Upon leaving Huawei, Faeeza joined Sidon Health to further her marketing skills, that would, ultimately, sow the seeds to start VOTP. She realized the importance of eliminating period poverty and the responsibility upon her as a young woman leader. Driven by this belief, and desire to change, she joined MINA as the head of business development where she doubled the client base and orders at Mina; and grew accounts by 33%. She  reformulated the packaging and refreshed the visual appeal of the brand for more intuitive use.

Her ambition is to be intrinsically involved with South African politics where, her experiences as a young person, would bring accountability, transparency and inclusivity to create a better country for all. This would culminate in the ambition to form a political party to focus on creating a more inclusive society where all South Africans can have an equitable share of the economy.

Faeeza loves the outdoors where she can connect with herself, decompress and reimagine the future. She loves to hike and walk with a passion for exploration and new experiences. This sense of adventure, coupled with her personal and professional background, can best be summed by up by the African proverb: “If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far then go together. ”