My name is Shaakira Davood and my interest in leadership and activism started in high school. The extra-curricular activities I partook in allowed me to experience leadership and a peak into community outreach and the social environment around us. I took up Geography as an extra subject in grade 10 as I was interested in earth systems and was not exactly sure where I wanted my career to go after matric. And so decided the best bet would be to do an extra subject to see what I’d be more inclined towards. This informed the decision to take up Environmental Science as a major and while studying the Human Geography module, I found myself passionate about human involvement in our earth space. This moved me towards environmentalism and activism. Especially as a proud South African citizen, I love my country immensely. However, we have many deep-rooted issues and an apartheid history which I believe is essential to unpack to gain socio-economic justice. I applied to ASRI to do the FLP course this year for self-growth and development. I am also particularly interested in learning and hearing the viewpoints of others on the topics of the course because it allows you to view topics through different lenses and allows you to be more open-minded.