My name is Ruvimbo (Rue) Hamadziripi, I consider myself to be a change agent at heart. I hold two bachelor’s degrees, one in Social Work and other in Social Sciences specialization in Social Policy and Management from the University of Cape Town. I am currently pursing my master’s degree in Social Sciences specializing in Social Policy and Management at the University of Cape. My mantra is to blossom wherever I am, by that I mean I desire to make a difference in the overall effectiveness and efficiency of a system or an institution. To be more direct I have an interest in monitoring and evaluation as well as the desire to improve the livelihoods of the vulnerable through any means possible where structures or entities in society who pledge to rectify the social ills of our nation are held to a higher standard where the services they provide are continuously defined, refined, and developed to an aspiring to level of optimal functionality ultimately benefiting  the beneficiaries they serve.