My name is Putuma Balintulo. I am an inquisitive, motivated, fearless, adaptive, and resilient 24-year old. I was born and bred by the dusty and mountainous communities of in the Eastern Cape. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Environmental sciences and a Bachelor of Science Honors in Environmental sciences, both obtained from Rhodes University. I am currently registered for a Master of Science in environmental Sciences at Rhodes University. During my time in university I have engaged in several educational and leadership programmes such as GreenMatter, Rhodes University SRC Alumni, ACCESS HPW core-lecturer, SAHIRE researcher, and SSLI-OTS. I am an energetic, adventurous and proactive individual who enjoys reading, travelling and spending time in nature. I am very passionate about environmental sustainability, leadership, and social justice.  My long-term goal is to contribute to the betterment of our society by bringing transformative change and creating adaptive and resilient communities in the face of global change and environmental degradation and to also contribute to curbing hunger and poverty through environmentalism and restoring agriculture.