Phumla Ifeoma Eneanya is studying towards a Master’s degree in Development Studies at Wits University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and International Relations, and a joint Honours degree in Development Studies and International Relations.

She is interested in finding ways to contribute to the economic development and growth of Sub-Saharan Africa. Her current research explores understanding African diasporas as potential development actors through their contribution to economic development in their home countries through various ways of investment.

Phumla aspires to be a consultant working in economic growth, public policy, transformation, sustainable development, and systematic change within governments, companies, and civil society. She is passionate about development and improving her community through policy implementation and transformative work. The ASRI FLP programme speaks directly to her passion; being a part of this programme is nothing short of a privilege in her estimation. She hopes to learn, grow, and evolve into a leader who contributes to systematic and systemic change not just in her community, but across the African continent and the world.