My name is Nkosiphendule Mbasa Ngcoza, a Master of Arts student in Sociology of Development at Rhodes University, South Africa. I am a former member of the Rhodes University Oppidan Committee and Rhodes University Student Representative Council (SRC). My research interests lie in the use of the critical realism paradigm to ‘evaluation research’ through middle-range development theory to ensure effective development programmes. Evaluation research is crucial for being able to explain which social (development) programmes/policies work and why. In 2021, I had an opportunity to be a Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) research intern through the Rhodes University Governance and Development Unit (GDU). I enjoyed the time I spent at a district municipality, an area of government that has been identified as a key agent of change by way of implementation at the grassroots level. I am interested in researching the relationship between practice and theory with a view to bring about development in South Africa.