Keletso Kgalema Biography for ASRI Future Leaders Program 2022

Hailing from the Limpopo Province in a village called Ga-Mampuru in the mining town Steelpoort is 26 years old Keletso Kgalema. The founder of the award winning NPC SHEroine Leads. Keletso completed her high school in Ashbury School in the East Rand where she learnt her passion for community development and women empowerment through programmes established by the school to help communities. In 2016 while studying Marketing Management she collaborated with likeminded youth in her village to form Steelpoort Academics Network, An NPO focusing on improving the education in public schools in rural communities. She is currently registered studying Law with the University of South Africa. Amongst her many achievements Keletso was one of the award winners for Sunday World’s Unsung Heros for 2021, 3rd Place in the Young Women in Entrepreneurship Challenge by the UN and Gender Links. In the mist of the pandemic Keletso represented the National Youth Resilience Initiative as an ambassador at the SaferSpaces Conference discussions on how the prosperous development of a young generation of South Africa can be achieved to form an inclusive and safe society with equal opportunities for everyone to thrive. Keletso associates with Democracy Works Foundation which assisted her in completing Project Management, State of Nation Module and Thought Leadership from the University of Pretoria. I Keletso “Madam Speaker” Kgalema believe that when our achievements are determined by our choices and the effort we put in our daily lives and not the circumstances of our birth only then we will be living in a fair society and if you truly believe in something stay committed.