Ahmed Ghoor is studying for a B.Sc. in Mathematical Statistics and Computer Science at the University of Cape Town, and has also been studying Islamic Studies under various teachers in South Africa and abroad. He is currently the chairperson of Effective Altruism UCT and the UCT Muslim Students Association (MSA), and has previously helped facilitate initiatives for Effective Altruism Stanford and the MSA Union. Since many attempts to do good are based on very little research and often do more harm than good, he tries to combine his disciplines to take a reason- and evidence-based approach to his activism. His undergraduate mini-thesis drew on tools employed in statistics, in conjunction with effective altruism research and theories of ethics, to assess whether it was worth investing resources into mitigating the risks posed by developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Ahmed hopes that engaging with experts and future leaders on the ASRI FLP will widen his methodological toolbox and understanding of the current context to find new ways of effectively impacting on the world within his spheres of influence.