Waseem Holland has a background in the donor funded NGO environment. He has worked with numerous individuals and organisations in programmes conducting extensive research on issues relating to elections and governance, as well as programmes that strive to develop the technical capacity of political parties and elected officials in Southern Africa, with the broad aim of strengthening democratic institutions like parliament through positive engagement and cooperation between different interest groups. His current interests are in understanding the post- industrial labour environment, exploring how groups and individuals navigate this new environment by restructuring old organisations and forming new movements to represent them and their interests are where he would like to locate his efforts currently. Waseem holds an Honours degree in International Relations and a Masters degree in Political Studies, both obtained from the University of the Witwatersrand. Waseem believes that the ASRI Fellowship will place him in a unique environment from which he can learn from other talented young people. His objective at ASRI is to enhance his personal development by harvesting the tools and skills needed to become an agent for positive change in order to make a meaningful contribution to society.