With a Bachelor of Arts in Public Management and Governance as well as an Honours in Development Studies, Thulebona Mhlanga has enrolled for a Master in Politics with the University of Johannesburg. Thulebona recently completed an internship at the National Treasury as an Economist at the BRICS Desk. Outside her fervor for International Relations, she operates Funda Nathi and Ziveve- a writing consultancy geared towards empowering young women in Meadowlands- Soweto with a focus on personal development. Thulebona also serves as a mentor and young women’s representative in her community. She is a member of the University of Johannesburg Convocation of Transformation, Culture and Climate Task Team. She aspires to be an influential contributor to South African policy with a narrow focus in the education of women and children. At the ASRI Future Leaders Program, she intends to cultivate her leadership skills and engage in the co-creation of pragmatic solutions to the challenge of serving the interests of South African citizens from a social justice front on both local and international platforms.