Themba ‘Umar’ Makhubu is an International Relations student at the University of South Africa who believes that on the journey to success, it is always better to embrace the mentality of life-long learning as opposed to that of an expert. He holds a Diploma in Public Relations and Communications from the University of Johannesburg. Themba completed a one year internship at Brand South Africa in civil society stakeholder relations after which he volunteered at the South African Police Service Youth Desk as Public Relations practitioner and Events Coordinator in the Daveyton region for ten months. Themba has discovered his elixir and passion in the study of communication. He believes that the communication as a medium of information dissemination- (when used with positive intent) can as deconstruct the deprecating perceptions about Africa. Themba has identified his youth development niche in education and literacy- which he ultimately wishes to use to combat illiteracy in the African continent. At the ASRI Future Leaders Program, Themba wishes to delve into topics that will broaden his understanding of social constructs that contribute to justice.