Fuelled with fervor for poverty alleviation across Africa, Thabani Moyo is intent on becoming a future community leader. He is a double major degree holder from Monash University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management and International Relations. He holds a Diploma in Project Management from Project Management Zimbabwe (PMZ) and is in the process of completing a Post Graduate qualification in Project Management from the Project Management Institute. During his campus days at Monash he participated in various student body activities including mentoring, advocacy and peer counseling. After graduation, he was elected as team leader in an international project with Saving Africa’s Youth (SAY) in conjunction with Young Africans Abroad (YAA) where he was afforded the opportunity to complete an internship in China. It is in this environment where he established a network of future leaders from various African countries and nurtured his desire to challenge inequality within different social contexts. Recently he was offered the position of Junior Project Manager at a Southern Africa based organization (High Plan Enterprise) which was founded to educate and equip African youth with entrepreneurship and alternative technical skills as means of poverty alleviation. At the High Plan Enterprise, he received accolades which include the Best Project Manager award and an Excellence Award for innovation. Thabani is the co-founder of Indigenised Youth Syndicates, a foundation with operations in both South Africa and Zimbabwe, advocating for African youth economic advancement in the private sector. He has gained a considerable amount of skills through his experiences in Civil Society and Private sector and he is confident that the ASRI Future Leaders Program will hone those skills by exposing him to young leaders from whom he can learn.