Sizwe Mabilisa is a decisive and action oriented community leader. He holds a Bachelor of Science double-major degree in Geography and Geology, as well as an Honours degree in Geography and Environmental Management; specialising in Water Sciences, Local and Regional Economic Development, and Environmental Policy Development. He is currently studying towards a Master of Science in Geography and Environmental Sciences at Wits University. Sizwe developed his action orientation towards sustainable problem solving during his tenure at Faculty of Best Advisory where he served as a volunteer and later as a part of the executive committee. He is also one of the co-founders of ‘Leaders of Today International’, a non-profit organisation which combats socio-economically disenfranchised youth groups through mentorship and development programs. Through his passion and active involvement in the afore-mentioned organisations, he gives career and motivational talks- centred on study tips and techniques, mentorship and counselling- all in an effort to groom effective and confident young leaders. Sizwe has proven to himself and his peers that it is possible to excel in academic and non-academic fraternities, which are why he remains resolute in the achievement of a truly free, non-racial and equal South African society. He is prepared to continue investing in work that will ultimately uplift and empower youth groups from underprivileged backgrounds. He envisions operating a green energy company that will commit to finding innovative ways to solve the global energy crisis in tandem with tackling youth unemployment. At the ASRI Future Leaders Program, he hopes to connect with a diverse cohort of leaders, scholars, entrepreneurs and change agents who are as passionate about South Africa as he is.