Recent graduate and holder of a Bachelor of Social Science degree from the University of Cape Town- Safeeya Mahomed, enjoys empowering and connecting people. She is a TEDx speaker-coach and volunteer who was recognized as one of one of Africa’s top 100 Brightest Young Minds (BYM) in 2016. She attended the flagship BYM summit that identifies, connects and mobilizes socially responsible young people. In the same year, Safeeya served on the board of the Psychological Society of South Africa’s Student Division as the Vice Chairperson of the Western Cape branch. Safeeya uses her vast volunteering experience to assist in the search for feasible, sustainable and people-centered solutions in response to the socio-economic challenges that face South Africa. At the ASRI Future Leaders Program, she hopes to do what she loves the most- which is to network with like and not-so-like-minded individuals that will be part of the dynamic cohort of future African leaders.