Nthato Ntsoko is a University of Johannesburg graduate in Public Management and Governance. Nthato recently graduated with a BA Honours degree specializing in International Relations from the same institution. During his undergraduate studies, he was afforded the opportunity to intern globally at Istanbul, Turkey. It is in this role that Nthato discovered his passion resides in helping others; thus he volunteered and worked closely with ward committee leaders baring a focus on service-delivery within his community. Nthato has been active in providing his services to various NGOs such as Skool Kid Foundation and Salaamedia. He is currently part of the council which heads the Patisma Forum, designed to foster social cohesion by addressing the needs of disadvantaged communities. These experiences have fortified his personal mission which is to improve the socio-economic conditions of South Africans. Nthato coming from a disadvantaged background believes that young social activists who are engaging with civil society and government across the spectrum- are going to drive the much sought after change. Nthato lives for the realization of social justice, human rights, and equality, especially in fields relating to development. He is a problem solver who envisions the change in South Africa emanating from innovation, empowerment, and sustainable development.