Nabeelah Khan is an analytical thinker-cum-creative and budding activist. She recently graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Management and Governance. As part of the degree she majored in Politics, which navigated her a few steps closer towards her life’s purpose- which is immersed in humanitarian causes. Nabeelah has always admired organizations such as the Gift of the Givers, The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation as well as Greenpeace to name a few that she believes are on a quest to solve big societal problems. Throughout her teenage years, she participated in multiple community projects with the South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) that alleviated youth related socio- economic ills. Nabeelah is a zealous changemaker who lives for the demolition of social divides such as the lack of access to education opportunities for women and youth. In 2016, she was actively involved with the Hippo Water Roller Project which addressed the socio-economic challenges faced by women and children in underdeveloped areas within Lenasia. Having engaged in Development Studies as part of her degree, she believes that the pivotal role played by women within societies should never be sidelined. If anything, it ought to be lauded and rewarded with life-enhancing opportunities. Nabeelah is a born-free that values equality, justice and security. She maintains that the ASRI Future Leaders Program will augment her skills and knowledge in preparation for more advocacy work in light of social redress.