Lerato Mashianoke is a 21 year-old aspiring Diplomat who was born and raised in Limpopo. In 2013, she matriculated from Hoërskool Merensky and enrolled at the University of Pretoria for a Bachelor of Administration in International Relations degree – which will be conferred upon her in April 2017. At her alma mater, Lerato was involved in mentorship, leadership and community outreach activities. Amongst the leadership capacities that have nurtured her growth mindset is the role of Chairperson, in which she led the BAdmin@Tuks Society. In this role, she learned the crux of maintaining a healthy academic/social life balance because in the same year, she was also the Economic and Management Sciences (EMS) Faculty House Commercii’s Community Outreach Director. Her leadership capabilities put her in good stead as she was later appointed by the EMS Faculty Dean, Professor Elsabé Loots, as the Student Representative for the University of Pretoria 2025 Teaching and Learning Task Team. Where talent meets hard-work, it is undeniably a statement about Lerato’s passion for Public Administration, International Relations and genuine service. This deep- seated desire to serve is what motivated her to start a Non-Profit Organisation called the Franky-Merry Foundation which seeks to serve rural and developing communities within the Limpopo and Gauteng regions. Through the ASRI Future Leaders Program, Lerato hopes to personify the words of her favourite quote by Leonardo da Vinci who once exclaimed that “people of great accomplishment, rarely sat back and let things happen to them, they went out and happened to things”. She looks forward to using ASRI as a platform to interrogate her interests in social justice and land restitution.