Rodney Kukubo is a graduate who completed his secondary schooling at Graeme College High School for Boys. He then went on to complete his Bachelor of Commerce degree at Rhodes University, majoring in Economics and Management. He is currently enrolled at the University of Johannesburg, completing his Honours Degree in Economics. His academic interests are focused around public finance, particularly at the Local Government level. His Honours research observed the effect of the Local Equitable Share on own-revenue generating abilities of municipalities in South Africa. During his time at Rhodes, Rodney was a peer educator for three years with the Student HIV/AIDS Resistance Campaign (SHARC), where he provided HIV/AIDS related workshops that educated and provided vital insight for students and the community at large. His main aspirations for the ASRI Future Leaders Fellowship Program include reflecting on his past studies and learning all the right aspects to help him become an accountable and knowledgeable public servant.