Muhammed Lwande Makwetu is an Executive Member of the Alawi Husainy Ninowy Zawiya in Cape Town.
After graduating from the Madina Institute One Year Intensive Program in Islamic Sciences in 2014, Muhammed joined the Institute’s Internship Program, where he worked as a tutor and was eventually entrusted with the supervision of the curriculum, timetable and exam facilitation, while participating in various marketing and student recruitment activities. Muhammed has currently turned his sights on becoming more involved in his community and has recently started participating in various projects, such as clothing drives, serving food to the needy and stationery drives for school children. Through the Prophetic Model of the Final Messenger of God – Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) – a model of love, compassion and mercy towards all and malice towards none, Muhammed’s vision is to rebuild communities with principles and values that drive all individuals towards making positive contributions to society.