Whenever the characteristics ardency, diligence and an insatiable appetite for learning collide, it is undeniably a statement about Mahlodi Kgatle – an Honours student at the University of Pretoria, furthering her interests in Marketing. Mahlodi hopes to explore the industry by delving into the minds of consumers, seeing them not as drivers of an economic system but as cognitive and emotional creatures. When she is not reading about the psychology of consumers, Mahlodi is managing Fosta Marketing Consulting Services, a subsidiary of The Young Executive that aims to inculcate the culture of entrepreneurship amongst the youth of South Africa. Mahlodi’s inspiration stems from her Presidency role, which she held in 2015 at the Golden Key International Honour Society’s Pretoria Chapter. In this role, she acknowledged that the greatest leader is the greatest servant and as such, if servitude is below you, then leadership is beyond you.