Aslam Bulbulia is a Wits graduate with a degree in Political Studies and Philosophy. He is currently finishing his Masters in Development Planning, researching the integration of migrants in Johannesburg. While studying, Aslam had an active extracurricular life tutoring primary and high school students, performing stand-up comedy, getting involved in breakdancing, parkour and gymnastics and completing research internships with the Johannesburg Development Agency and Mining Qualifications Authority. He was also active in the Wits and National Muslim Students Associations and South African Artists Against Apartheid. In between his Masters coursework and research, he took time off to work, teach and travel during which he found his wonderful wife, also a planner. Back in Johannesburg, Aslam has renewed his commitment to helping build inclusive and just cities, through an artists’ collective called AwethuArt. Through ASRI, he hopes to grow and learn how best to serve current and future generations..