Given Vusimuzi Fakude

Given Vusimuzi Fakude, reflects varied personality including ambition and qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness He believes in a just society where people leave in peace and harmony.

Given is an office administrator intern at Islamic Brotherhood Society International Projects (IBSI). Given is with IBSI from the 15th March 2021 till present as part of ASRI fellowship job placement, project manager, and facilitator at Soweto Shurah Council community center for ICT skills from 2017 March till 2020, Given he has graduated from the University of South Africa in 2014, with a Diploma in Youth Development, and he has done a six months course in Thought leadership for Africa’s Renewal, 2016, with Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute, Given He is part of ASRI Future Leaders program, a civic leadership program that develops young people for careers in the Civil Society and Government sectors. The ASRI program has helped Given a lot when it comes to his thinking capabilities with regards to understanding the importance of social justice mindset, with a particular focus on bettering the socio-economic conditions of the majority of people in South Africa,

As a future leader, I take pride in what has ASRI offered me and thrive on bringing social justice within my communities, I had enjoyed the company of my colleagues during our engagements on the sessions we had on our online platforms discussions, regarding topics such as good governance, social justice, economics, and development. Those topics made me realize that I need to do my part in our society and increase my intellectual capabilities to bring social change. And also being exposed to so many academics that we have in our country coming to share their insight on which what they specialize in, priceless moments for me personally because they made me realize the reality of the country and where we are heading as a nation, the networks that we had formed because of this program are on another level. I got inspired by colleagues who are pursuing their academic studies, they are doing their research in different fields, hence by the following year I would like to pursue my studies also, that’s one of the impacts that the ASRI program played on me and I am honored to be part of ASRI and I am proud being one of ASRI