Muhammed Ghazali Esau

Muhammed Ghazali Esau a final year UNISA student pursuing a BA in Government, Administration and Development. He already holds a NQFL3 in Business Administration, NQFL5 in Local Government and Development Management, Political Science and Government from MANCOSA. ICDL Certificate in Microsoft Office and a Certificate in Project Management from TSIBA Ignition Academy. A delegate at the 2020 Asia Youth International Model United Nations, which was held in Malaysia(Kulua Lumpur), since then he has participated in multiple online MUN’s from around the world. He currently volunteers with the City of Cape Town Disaster Risk Management, 1st Ottery Scout Group and Ottery Islamic Society. Muhammed Ghazali joined the ASRI Fellowship programme in 2020/21 and completed a 3-months internship at the Department of Environmental Affairs and Planning in Cape Town. His duties consisted of Acquisitions and Logistics and Supply Chain Management Clerk. Lastly, he obtained certification in “Privacy Series” and Fraud and Corruption in Procurement from the Western Cape Provincial Training Institute.

During my time on the ASRI Fellowship programme, I was introduced to various topics from economics, history, social studies, politics etc. As such everyday I was learning from the guest speakers and ASRI management and improving on my skillset and knowledge. Improving on one’s writing skills, grammar, communication, project management and teamwork skills and more importantly during these challenging times of covid-19 using various apps/software to integrate working amongst the cohort and fluidity even though we were not face-to-face physically.

It actually opened up one’s mind to view things and society from different perspectives. To look at culture, religion, and ethnicity as a major factor on where the country is today and where it came from. The management truly are engaging and approachable and give one sound practical advice. Whether it is work relating, media advice or even general advice on the outside world and relating from personal experiences.

Forming good relationships and ties with the 2020 cohort and partaking in a virtual online Model United Nations(MUN). Sharing opportunities, advice and other’s successes and motivating one another is truly something memorable about the ASRI 2020/21 cohort.

Access to radio personnel and lecturers. People within the political sphere and NGO sector who are truly making a difference in society. Also not forgetting the future leaders of tomorrow and the endless possibilities that may transgress and the connections built from the ASRI programme.

It definitely left a positive impact on myself and will be a great steppingstone for some. The first day of the programme it was said: “that you will only reap the rewards of what you make out of the programme.”