Emmanuel Eduardo

Emmanuel Eduardo is a student at Management Collage of Southern Africa where He’s Studying towards Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management and accounting. He commenced his accounting career practice as a Financial administrator at Bekkersdal Muslim Association NPO 102-347. Worked as an Assistance at Aslam Carrim And Associate Charted Accountants company compiling financial statements for BMA NPO year 2018 – 2020. Emmanuel is a brand ambassador of Adopt A Son a Non-profit Organisation that focuses on emancipate and equip a boy child with necessary academic tools.

In 2020 Emmanuel joined the ASRI Fellowship Programme. Served as a budget forecasting manager for Citizen Initiative Project. Though the programme was conducted online I have managed to participate in various contemporary topics that prepared one for the field of work and currently doing my 6 Months Externship at Assalaam Educational Institute as a Financial Administrator and a computer programme facilitator.

Although the programme was conducted online this has emancipated with critical thinking. With contemporary topics we have engaged in it was passed beyond my expectations helped me to be an analytic individual and grow in technics of participating on online platforms and now the fruits of the FLP are that in the field I am placed in I am able to conduct online meetings, facilitate computer training for Zoom classes submit my work to the manager online. And the FLP strengthen me in my academic performance more especially when with understanding the content of the subjects given.

Personally, I have learned to deal with people of different orientation and to engage in debate, group work and have differences in searching for solutions to the task given holistically so. How diverse the FLP Cohorts and guest speakers who facilitated various topics in their respective fields one has learned a lot in understanding other people cultural, spiritual and social background. We had differences and technical issues one had to master the art of being humble and have willingness to learn from other ASRI Cohorts.

The Guest speakers, Directors have outdone themselves in preparing for the lessons and where able to conduct their sessions at their outmost best I believe that’s what kept the drive of the programme and how the ASRI Cohorts we able to engage this invoked the spirit to also wanting to engage with the next coming speakers and the materials that where to in place by the speakers did exceed my expectations.

The interaction between the Directors and the Guest speakers opened a very professional relationship and was able to seize an opportunity to expand my arial of networking with various guest speakers and some guest speakers and other ASRI cohorts have been joined in to Adopt A Son and helping me in my tasks given for my externship. this has provided valuable framework expanded my professional skills to valuable skills on my externship.

The programme has already opened the door to expose my career as a student, I feel certain that with all the tools one have gained and learned from the programme  not only me but all ASRI cohort will gain and expand our professional network and help us to be participate in economical affairs and also place as in a good field of work.