Call for Research Supervisors for Masters and PhD Research Fellowship 2017

ASRI, a public policy research institute, is interested in launching a research fellowship called the ‘ASRI Public Policy Research fellowship’ to commence in the year 2017. The ASRI public policy research fellowship is aimed at conducting public policy research, analysis and recommendations on various public policy issues in South Africa.
ASRI is considering applications from academics based in South African universities who are interested to come on board as ASRI Research Associates.
The research associates should have a research project of their choice targeting Masters or PhD students. The research project should be aimed at identifying, articulating or evaluating current public policy issues in South Africa, including transforming ideas or emerging problems into policy issues.
Interested academics will be required to complete an online application form detailing their academic background and research interests.
Research associates whose research topics are chosen by ASRI will be required to become supervisors of their chosen research project.
A call for Masters Research Fellows will be circulated by ASRI to all the relevant South African universities, and students will be requested to identify their theme of interest from the list of ASRI pre-approved Masters and PhD research projects available on the application form.
Once the 2017 Masters and PhD Research Fellows are chosen and finalised by ASRI panellists, students and supervisors from the pre-approved research projects will then be given an opportunity to contact each other to discuss project details, suitability for supervision, etc.
Students that are awarded the research fellowship from ASRI will be required to register at the university where the supervisor of their research project is based, and the student will be required to undertake the research at that particular university.
ASRI recognises that the following multidisciplinary approach will bring together various diverse knowledge on South African public policy. As such the following public policy themes will be key areas for research projects.

• Nation Building
• Education
• Health
• Crime and Justice
• Economic Development and Job creation
• Governance
• Or any other theme in-line with South Africa’s public policy agenda
Priority will be given to the above mentioned themes or any combination of themes. Applications from candidates intending to pursue Masters Studies in the following specific areas (linked to the themes outlined above) will be considered:
• Social Sciences
• Human Movement Sciences
• Sports Sciences
• Law
• Economics
• Earth and Life Sciences
• Sciences
• Medicine
• Theology

ASRI Research Scholarship Amounts
R50 000 per annum towards Masters research cost
R10 000 per annum towards travel costs
R20 000 Masters ASRI Supervisor Honorarium Annual

R120 000 per annum towards PhD research cost
R 20 000 per annum towards travel cost
R25 000 PhD ASRI Associate Annual honorarium

The Masters and PhD student may apply for post-graduate merit award from their university but not any other grant outside the university.
The financial administration of the scholarship will be performed through an ASRI’ grant management fund, and the scholarship will be paid to into the institution where the successful candidate will be registered.
Applications can be completed online on the ASRI website. The closing date for applications is 31 August 2016

Thank you.
Best regards
Salma Abdool
ASRI Public Policy Research Coordinator
Mobile: +27 74 610 5824
Tell: 087 150 7880