ASRI Township Economy Programme


Social franchising is a social innovative organisation model that can be applied to address society’s most perverse social problems. The model can be applied to tackle multiple social problems ranging from hunger, poverty, crime, health, education, job creation, family planning, and so on. The organisation model is distinguishable from commercial franchising in that its set up to address and reinvest in community needs rather than the maximisation of profits.

ASRI has commissioned research to develop a standardised prototype and methodology to franchise existing successful township micro manufacturing enterprises, and in so doing contribute to the economic revitalisation of South Africa’s townships by stimulating local economic development and job creation, through home grown township franchises that are replicable with government SMME funding.

We have also commissioned research to map the frequency and nature of micro manufacturing enterprises in Soweto, to uncover successful enterprises that have franchising potential, as well as act as a case study for the general health of the micro manufacturing sector in Soweto.