The 2017 ASRI Future Leaders
Fellowship Program

ASRI is a pluralist domestic public policy institute, which conducts policy research, prototyping and advocacy in 5 key areas: Nation Building & Governance; Job Creation; Public Health; Public Education, and Crime and Justice. 

The program inculcates in our fellows a strong sense of social justice and integrity while also producing the kind of effective and innovative change agents who can bring about transformative change in South African society. Underpinning the program is a strong focus on developing the writing and oratory abilities of participants as well as an emphasis on values such as pluralism, justice, equality, integrity, excellence and valor.

Graduates of The ASRI Future Leaders Fellowship Program are anticipated to go on to become influential and prominent leaders in government and civil society, occupying a variety of positions in non-profit organisations; interest groups; policy institutes; media organisations; government and so forth.

More explicitly, the main ambitions of the program are twofold:
– To develop individuals who can positively contribute and strengthen civil society
– To develop effective and visionary public servants

The program is non-partisan in nature and is open to all Gauteng based South African students who are in possession of an undergraduate degree or who will be completing their undergraduate degree before next years program commences in February 2017. Please note that to ensure a diverse group of fellows, demographic information is taken into consideration during the selection process.

The fellowship program is ten months and fellows are required to be in attendance Monday to Thursday from 9am – 3:45pm, in Rosebank, Johannesburg, from the beginning of February to the end of October. The program will accept 30 individuals for 2017, and each person will receive a monthly stipend of R5 000 which they can use to cover their fees, travel and food expenses.

Some of the themes that will be covered include the following:

  • Law & Public Policy
  • South African Political Parties & Entities
  • NGOs & Civil Society Organizations
  • Political Philosophy
  • Economics
  • Project Management
  • Leadership

Some of the issues that will be dealt with include:

  • Employment Creation, Unemployment & Youth Unemployment
  • Transformation & Land Restitution
  • Workers’ Rights, Trade Unions & Marikana
  • Higher Education & Access
  • Climate Change & Renewable Energy

The eligibility requirements to be considered for the program are as follows

Age limit: 30

Citizenship: South African citizenship or permission to reside in South Africa (with the long term view of staying in the country)

Academic: Students must have completed their undergraduate degree or be expecting to complete their undergraduate degree before the program commences in February 2016

Program of study: Open to social science students (albeit not exclusively) in fields such as media, politics, economics, law, development orientated studies and so forth.

Location: For 2017, applications are only open to Johannesburg based graduates or graduates willing to travel at their own expense.

Alumni requirements: Upon completion of the program, students are expected to remain active within the Alumni Network of ASRI.

Required documentation to submit with application:
CV (no more than two pages)
Matric marks & certificate
Undergraduate academic transcripts
Postgraduate academic transcripts (if applicable)

Applications open on the 3rd of October 2016. The application closing date is Friday the 20th of November 2016 at midnight and Interviews will be conducted early December and January. The program will commence at the beginning of February and conclude at the end of October.


For any inquiries: