A Call for Post-graduate Research Short Papers

ASRI NPC is a pluralist domestic public policy institute interested in contacting post-graduate researchers who have completed or will be completing their Masters or PhD degree’s, and who are interested in publishing their research into short papers for public discussion and debate.

ASRI’S Public Policy Research publication called ‘ASRI Short Papers’ launches in January, with a short paper being published every week through 2016. As a post-graduate, this gives you the opportunity to publish short papers with us for a mutually agreed stipend for each commissioned paper.

Furthermore, as a research institute, we contribute to the public policy discourse by organising and facilitating round table debates, presentations and seminars between government, academics, and public figures from the media, trade unions, interest groups and other stakeholders.

Graduates, who successfully submit their papers for publication, will also have the opportunity of presenting their papers during these events as well as possible interviews in the media.

Applicable fields of studies for consideration are economics, development economics, labour economics, political studies, international relations, development studies, business management, entrepreneurship, governance, law, and industrial and organisational psychology (or any other related public policy field).

If your  research topic falls into one of the above , we ask that you send us your Masters or PhD abstract, with your contact and email address  to salma.abdool@asri.org.za and we will be in touch shortly afterward.

We will greatly appreciate if you could pass around this message to other relevant Masters and PhD students or individuals who are interested.