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ASRI/MINARA NGO Leadership Development Programme

The ASRI/MINARA Leadership Development Programme sponsors five senior and middle level managers from two of South Africa’s largest NGO’s.
Minara sponsors five candidates from SANZAF and Islamic Relief to attend the GIBS Social Entrepreneurship Programme.
The ASRI/MINARA NGO Leadership Development Programme follows the ASRI Future Leaders Programme in which 30 post graduate fellows are registered.

Jamila Ukoleko

Jamila Ukoleko is a training administrator and facilitator for the SANZAF Entrepreneurship Department. She completed her BTECH Higher National Diploma in Business Management at London Business and Management School. She also has a Bachelor of Business Administration which she studied at University of Herriot Watt in the UK. Her ambition in life is to study further and use her knowledge to improve the work she does for SANZAF.

Shahnaaz Paruk

Shahnaaz Paruk has been with Islamic Relief South Africa for seven years. She is presently the HR Partner for Islamic Relief, and offers her insights and support to the various departments and operational elements within the scope of Islamic Relief South Africa’s work.
Her experience extends to elements of Marketing, fundraising and development of individuals.
Shahnaaz’s ambition lies in one day securing her own business, as well as “to be a focal part of, and perhaps lead an organisation or group which is instrumental in creating and driving effective sustainable solutions to issues affecting the vulnerable communities and the youth within SA”. Her passion lies with youth development, ‘I firmly believe they are the key to a powerful South Africa, and we have the knowledge and skills to equip a generation to succeed’.

Nerosha Ahmed

Nerosha Ahmed, is a Human Resource and Bursary Co-ordinator at the South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF). She graduated with a BCom degree in Human Resource Management at the University of Johannesburg in 2011 and completed a one year internship programme with Metropolitan in the Human resource division. After graduating, she joined SANZAF and currently manages the Bursary Programme and the Human Resource function. Her ambition is to grow the Bursary Programme in a way that impacts the beneficiaries thereof, not only with financial assistance but “with all the support that develops them into responsible leaders of the Ummah and their communities” as well as use her HR Knowledge to assist with key practices that allows for the sustainability and growth of the organisation.

Ariff Shaikh

Hafidh Ariff is born in Durban and memorised the Quraan at the young age of 15. He completed his diploma in Business Studies at University of Natal, Durban and soon after moved to Johannesburg to find employment. He subsequently worked at Nedbank, General Motors and Toyota. In 2012 he left to Arizona, USA where he stayed for a year teaching Quraan and played a role in managing the madrasah. He is currently the Projects and Programmes Co-Ordinator at SANZAF.