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Angelo Fick is the Director of Research at ASRI. Before joining ASRI, he spent nearly half a decade as a resident current affairs and news analyst in the broadcast sector in South Africa.

For two decades he taught across a variety of disciplines in the Humanities and Applied Sciences in universities in South Africa and Europe. His research is informed by critical & race theory, feminism, colonial discourse theory, and post-structuralism.

He has written widely on post-millennial post-apartheid South Africa’s political economy, and remains interested in broader issues of justice, freedom, and equality. Most recently he taught courses on colonial discourse theory and postcolonial culture in the Department of Visual Culture at the University of Pretoria.

He has supervised graduate work on the representation of women politicians in South African media, the figuration of subjectivity in contemporary critical theory, and most recently, an analysis of the relationship between national sovereignty and supra-national organisations in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Recently his work has appeared in the Mail & Guardian, the Journal of Commonwealth Literature, and English in Africa.

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  2. ‘Critical literacy, citizenship, and the value of education in contemporary South Africa’, short paper submitted for ASRI website, 4 September 2018
  3. Interview in Journal of Commonwealth Literature on reading Olive Schreiner’s From Man to Man (1926) in post-millennial post-apartheid South Africa.
  4. Book review of UCT Press Dorothy Driver edition of Oliver Schreiner’s From Man to Man, in English in Africa, April
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  1. ASRI seminar on ‘race’ and racism in contemporary South Africa with a focus on voters, political parties and elections, with Steven Friedman, Pumla Gqola, Rustum Kozain, and Sithmebile Mbete, 30 January 2019
  2. Keynote address on critical literacy and citizenship to the ZENEX Foundation meeting, Durban, 24 August 2018
  3. AgriEC Keynote Address at their annual congress, on land reform process and rebuilding community in farming polities in the wake of President Ramaphosa’s announcement, Jeffrey’s Bay, 6 August 2018
  4. ‘Race’ and racism in post-millennial post-apartheid South Africa: unmaking the past, making the future. Panel
    discussion at District Six Museum Homecoming Centre co-hosted with Dullah Omar Institute and District Six
    Museum, 26 September 2018
  5. M&G Critical Thinking Seminar on Budget 2019, Workshop 14, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, 8 February 2019
  6. ‘Approaching food, politics, and representation: a philological perspective’ presented at Mellon Foundation Food Politics Inception Workshop, University of Pretoria, 8-9 February 2019
  7. Radio Islam International Elections Workshop, 19 February 2019
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  6. CGTN interview, 23 August 2018 on land expropriation process in South Africa in the wake of Donald Trump’s tweet
  7. TVC Nigeria television interview, 22 August 2018, on the State Capture Inquiry and its implications for South Africa and for Jacob Zuma personally
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  9. Radio 786 interview on official opposition politics and the internal dynamics of the Democratic Alliance, 15 August 2018
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