Ramudzuli Ndaedzo Andy

Ramudzuli Ndaedzo Andy has joined ASRI as a Research Associate. He holds a Bachelor of Technology in Transport Management from the University of Johannesburg. Through his studies, he was involved in voluntary community engagement which its version is to embrace the advancement of freedom, democracy, and human dignity through Service Learning, Community-based Research, and Organized Outreach. His research interests are based on transport economics (Smart mobility), addressing issues facing public and private transport commuters, and the change in which the ‘fourth industrial revolution will bring forth into the ways we live and work. During his research period at ASRI he worked with numerous institute/ organisations to be acquainted with knowledge and experience in the transport sector, and he also participated in the ASRI Future Leaders program 2020/2021, is a civic leadership programme that develops young people for careers in the Civil Society and Government sectors.

Conducting research, understanding laws and public policies advocacy, constitutional values, and understanding different spheres of governments. Learning of different forms of communication skills, knowledge and skills building for critical writing, political thoughts, and debates. Ability to write short and long pieces with feedback for improvements. Understating of factors involved in transport sectors for projects, research and development, and policy and compliance.

The opportunities presented aim to achieve its vision and the outstanding knowledge shared throughout the program has potentially developed my skills and experience in a proficiency degree. Being able to read for understating, creative writing with a purpose, and convergent thinking. Ability to have to complete the task and activities that are presented and understanding different civil society and government sectors. Well acquitted to work in groups to achieve common goals and research projects. Follow up on current news and trends for well-researched and writing of short and long pieces. Network modeling and route designs for the transport sector, analysis, and compliance with code of conducts for research and development, and understanding of policy and legislation development within transport sectors

Provided a platform for other organisations such as seminars, lectures, debates, training, and undertake research on different issues not only within the transport sector but also in the civil society and government. Organisation and Institute such as Ahmed Kathrada foundation, section 27, SPII, UNICEF, 4IR seminars, Radio interview, Different newspapers alert for analysis, ASRI FLP 2020/2021, and CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research).
(d). Workshop/seminars on political analysis and 4IR, Radio Interviews, and working with another research institute as mentioned above.

Will be the ladder/solution for the young future leaders that have the potential/aspire to bring change, awareness and become the voice of the nation. The program is essentially created to builds, develop and offers an opportunity to be well taught and to network, gain knowledge and with people from different organisation and institution that actually have one goal which is to drive socio-economic change in South Africa.