About Us

Our organisation is a collective of leaders, professionals, academics and contributors striving to build a Just and Prosperous Society.

ASRI is a pluralist domestic public policy institute that conducts Applied Research, Prototyping and Advocacy in the Job Creation, Nation Building, Crime and Justice, Education, and Healthcare policy sectors. ASRI conducts advocates for laws, policies and programmes, inspired by Constitutional Values, at a National, Provincial and Local level to achieve a Just and Prosperous society.

Our Team

Angelo Fick

Director of Research

Angelo Fick is the Director of Research at ASRI. Before joining ASRI, he spent nearly half a decade as a resident of current affairs and news analyst in the broadcast sector in South Africa. Tap to read more!

Luthando Dube

Research Associate

Luthando is currently a Research Associate at ASRI and a Masters Candidate in Development Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Tap to read more!

Ebrahim Fakir

Director of Programmes

Awarded the Ruth First Fellowship for 2014 at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg – Ebrahim Fakir until recently headed the Political Parties and Parliamentary Programme at EISA [2010-2016]. Tap to read more!

Anwar Jhetam

Civic Leadership Programmes Manager

Anwar Jhetam is the Civic Leadership Programmes Manager of the ASRI Future Leaders Program (FLP). Anwar has served in various roles in student leadership and continues to serve and volunteer with several community organisations. Tap to read more!

Imraan Buccus

Senior Research Associate

Over the next year he will be writing a series of opinion pieces that will appear fortnightly in the national media; with the intent of compiling his contributions into a book at year-end. Tap to read more!

Our Programmes

Future Leaders Programme

The program inculcates in our fellows a strong sense of social justice and integrity while also producing the kind of effective and innovative change agents who can bring about transformative change in South African society.

Civic Leadership Programme

The Wits WCCO-ASRI Civic Leadership programme aims to develop young people for careers in the civil society and government sectors, and therefore recruits individuals who are socially and politically active in their communities.

Research Programme

In 2020, ASRI was asked to evaluate the success of the Gauteng Together project, which was spearheaded by the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

The ASRI Conference
We host an annual conference that brings together government, civil society, labour, and business to dialogue policy solutions and build relationships.
Our History

On the 2 April 1694, Sheikh Yusuf of Makassar, the Nephew of the King of Gowa arrived in the Cape Colony to serve his political banishment at the hands of the Dutch East India Company. Sheikh Yusuf’s home became a sanctuary for the slaves of the Cape, and it was from these slaves and political exiles that the first cohesive Muslim community in South Africa emerged.